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Product Cataloq Revision: 2014

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 Κατάλογος SOLAS

Έκδοση: 2016


Νιτσεράδες JTS

Από 93.4€ ΜΟΝΟ 58

Νιτσεράδες JTS αναπνέοντες

Από 110€ ΜΟΝΟ 70


"Αυθεντικά" χρώματα μηχανών

sevtel mxy - mhhΝέα καλώδια marine - επικασσιτερωμένα!

Υφαλοχρώματα EUMARIA

Αυτολειαινόμενες - Αυτοκαθαριζόμενες επιφάνειες 

 Οικονομία καυσίμων - Αύξηση Ταχύτητας

Φροντίδα και προστασία σκάφους





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Welcome to our company


The company “TREZOS BROS. & CO.” was founded in 1978 in Athens under the name "J. TREZOS & SONS”. In 2005 it was strengthened by the younger members of the family, renewing it with dynamic and modern ideas, and in 2008 it expanded by opening a new store in Athens Ave. 212, to the better customer service.

The products are aimed primarily at manufacturing companies, marine shops and boat owners. Its executives are able to provide better technical support and consulting services, being aware of the shipping area at the professional level as well as being users’ vessels.

The "TREZOU Bros. & Co." collaborates with several companies in the Greek market at the wholesale level primarily but also retail, while it exports to the Mediterranean.

Visit the exhibitions (30, Athinas Str. and 212, Athinon Ave.) to see a wide range of products (anchors, ropes, chains, life jackets, skis, stainless steel, antennas, power lift, propellers…).

It exclusively represents the following companies:

SOLAS: propellers for all engines

CMS: powerlift, trim, bracket


Αθηνάς 30, Τ.Κ. 105 51 - ΑΘΗΝΑ
Τηλ.: 210-3250227, 3254552      Fax: 210-3219483      e-mail:
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ΝΕΟ ΚΑΤΑΣΤΗΜΑ: Λεωφ. Αθηνών 212, Τ.Κ. 10442 ΑΘΗΝΑ
Τηλ.: 210 5155680, 5155690   Φαξ: 210 5155652



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